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FDR Dance was founded in 2011 in by mexican artist Fernando Domínguez, later on he formally founded as FDR Dance Theater in Mexico in 2015.

Recently the company has a new home space in Schiedam, NL (Rotterdam area) in where they are performing the latest piece "BOB & I" (Between Open Borders & Isolation) an installation made by dutch visual artist Lawrence Kwakye with choreography of director Fernando Dominguez and production by OPEN ART EXCHANGE gallery.

The company constantly produce artistic work in Mexico and the Netherlands seeking for dance professionals for its produtions, exchanging artists and dance companies between two continents.

We open our space to individuals who are passionate about contemporary dance and are willing to investigate forms of movement.

FDR Dance Theater will hold a choreographic creation workshop from 16th till 20th of march 2020 with an open show on friday 20th (19:00) in which the public can view the result of the 5 day workshop.

"Sphere System"                                     
16th till 20th of march 2020

Choreographic creation workshop

Duration 10 hours (divided in 5 sessions of 120 min)



Workshop oriented to professional dancers and students on development with basic improvisation knowledge, where the genuine visual, physical and cognitive system "Sphere System" created by the director Fernando Domínguez is implied, which is an instrument of creation of the choreographic pieces of the FDR Dance Theater repertory.


The workshop begins with the visualization of the spherical body and the new physical structure that the system proposes to represent the "new body". The use of spheres in different dimensions are very peculiar on this process.


Based on this, we work with specific dynamics and improvisation of movement for creation of choreographic material.

Fee. 65 eur

Save your space for 15 eur and then pay the rest.



GROUP 1 (morning) Max. 12 dancers.

10:00 - 12:00

GROUP 2 (afternoon) Max. 12 dancers.

16:00 - 18:00

OPEN SHOW (both groups)

Friday 20th March 19:00


Open Art Exchange 

Hoogstraat 85, Schiedam.

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His choreographic work for dance films has collected more that 46 prizes worldwide including Best Short Film at Cannes Short Film Festival in 2015. Currently he premiered a new dance film for CODARTS Dance in 2019 and a short film with CEPRODAC (National center of contemporary dance) in Mexico.

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